Labels Made with Love and Swear Words (10 Stück)

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Kylie and the Machine
100% Polyester
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NEW FORMAT - 10 per pack

The best-selling label! Created for the first ever collection of Labels by KATM.

You’ll love sewing these into those projects that made you swear, but you finished anyway.


Each pack contains 10 woven labels 


Specific details about this label:

1.2cm x 5cm 

Black and rainbow.


LABELS BY KATM are Super High-Quality woven labels, they are classified as HD which is similar to a thread count in sheets, finer and more threads which give the crispest designs. They are Oeko-Tex certified, washable, durable and non-scratchy!


New Packaging!

It was a no-brainer to switch to plastic-free packaging, our individual packs are now made entirely from RECYCLED CARDBOARD and are fully biodegradable. We pack and send your labels with no plastic also, in cardboard envelopes without excessive packaging. Our labels are made from high-quality polyester and rayon threads, and are meant to be washed (repeatedly.) so they will not get damaged even in the off-chance they get a 'lil wet in the post. 

If for any reason you require a plastic vapor barrier to protect the packaging of your labels (for instance, if you know your local post office routinely allows letters to become soaking wet) then leave a note!